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Social Studies for ESL, Special Ed in English or Spanish

 Science for ESL, Special Ed in English or Spanish

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Vibrante Press specializes in exciting and engaging books & music for the learning foreign languages, ESL, Special Ed,  Social Studies and Science classrooms.

Vibrante Press is a teacher authored and teacher run press which is dedicated to exciting, engaging and unique musical and visual aids for the foreign language, ESL, ELL, Special Ed, Science and Social Studies classroom.

Teacher ApprovedVibrante Press recognizes the necessity to incorporate all of the multiple intelligences in successful learning and therefore strives to develop materials that answer that need.

Author and creator Lonnie Dai Zovi started writing when her own child was in her  Spanish for children class and she had to make up her own songs, games, stories and more to teach effectively. Since the children and other teachers loved her curriculum so much, she decided to hire artists and professional musicians and market it. Vibrante Press had begun.

Throughout her over 44 years of teaching of ESL, Spanish and Bilingual classes in elementary, middle school, high school and college, Lonnie continues to find educational voids to fill, more music, pictures, stories, games and more great materials to create for her classroom and yours.

Spanish – Our selection of Spanish learning materials include Lonnie’s great music for the classroom: ,Cantos, Ritmos y Rimas, Mariachi y Más, Cantos Calientes, Gira Musical, Spanish ¡Alive!, Español Alegre,  and of course her NEW and REVOLUTIONARY Musical Echoing for Learning Spanish (Like musical and pictorial TPRS)

French, German, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese materials are certainly worth taking a look at to see if you want to include them in your exciting and fun language learning class.

ESL, ELL and  EFL –There are many ESL,  ELL and   EFL materials available in the U.S as well as world wide, but Lonnie’s materials are unique and fill definite voids in many ESL classrooms. These materials are especially good for ESLSpecial Ed. students and reluctant, remedial or low-literacy ESL learners. Some of her unique ESL materials include Musical Echoing for Learning English, Rockin’ Rhythm and Rhymes, My Basic 1000 Words, True Ghost Stories That Teach and more.

In addition, art in the foreign language classroom is addressed by various materials, such as Accent on Art (Spanish) and Artful Instruction (French).

Vibrante Press has various visual aides which are necessary for success in the foreign language and ESL/ELL classroom such as Perfect Pics, Practice with Pics and Perfect Picture Stories.

Vibrante Press recognizes the needs for materials for Special Ed. ESL/ELL, or foreign language learners as their needs also need to be met. Some titles include the Include Me © Series  (Ancient Civilizations and U.S.History (Pt. 1), LIfe Science, Earth Science and Physical Science) and Perfect Pics, Practice with Pics, and more.

Vibrante Press offers unique, niche fulfilling Social Studies programs. True” Ghost Stories that Teach – Historically Based Stories with Content Area Connections for the intermediate reader, and the Include Me © Series, simple, leveled and very pictorial  U.S. History book, Ancient Civilizations, Life Science digital book, Earth Science digital book and Physical Science digital book. especially good for the differentiated and inclusion classroom.