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Who is Lonnie Dai Zovi

Lonnie Dai Zovi started out life as Lonnie Gault, one of six daughters of Lon and Kathryn Gault. At a young age she knew she would be a teacher  because she always played school with her younger sisters and her neighbors. She even taught the kids selling on the beach during her honeymoon in Acapulco. She couldn’t decide which of the many things she wanted to teach- Spanish? ESL? Kindergarden? Math? What. It turns out she did it all, and more.

Lonnie’s first official teaching job was being a bilingual teacher in a small Illinois migrant town. She taught all subjects in both English and Spanish from k-4. SInce at that time there were not many materials for bilingual kids she started writing, albeit very primitively, for her students. She loved her unique experience!

Other teaching jobs include:

  • Home bound bound teaching to a permanently homebound high school bilingual student
  • Teaching adults Spanish
  • Teaching adults English
  • teaching 5-8 all subjects in both languages
  • teaching high school Spanish (20 years)
  • teaching high school ESL
  • Teaching Mexican street kids  and also boys prison kids all subjects in Spanish
  • Teaching young children Spanish

I am also a frequent presenter at state, regional, national  or ESL or foreign language conferences.

When I started teaching Spanish to young kids MANY years ago, there were very very few good materials. Thus, out of necessity, my writing career began. I have written many books and even more digital books and packets. Most  of the writings are in English or Spanish, with also Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. Many involve music and many others involve pictures. I have distributors who sell many of my materials but I also sell them directly through and

I have taught for over 38 years (and counting) and have taught just about every subject. If you have a question I might be able to answer it. Email me at