Handouts and Articles

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Click on the following descriptions to read and print out partial handouts from Lonnie’s presentations and workshops. To obtain the full handout you’ll need to attend one of Lonnie Dai Zovi’s workshops or presentations. If Lonnie hasn’t in-serviced or visited your school district or favorite language association conference, you might want to contract her to do so. See Workshops and Presentations for details. 


Some useful internet sites for grammar, thematics, YouTube/Teacher Tube videos y más. Mostly for Spanish some for any language

Very Valuable Visuals 

Multiple Intelligences in the Foreign Language Classroom 

Ideas on Using Mexican and Spanish Art in the Classroom 

 A Few Methods of Using Music in the Foreign Language Classroom  

Spanish Song Titles Categorized by Topic

Spanish Songs for the Upper Levels

Simple Ideas for Music in the ESL Classroom

Articles of Interest to Language Teachers 

Lonnie’s Presentation in Chile

Using Chants in the Language Classroom