Learning English with Good English Learning Materials

Learning English is great fun if you have a strong desire and good English(ESL, ELL, or EFL) language learning materials. The language learning materials (teaching materials) sold on Vibrante Press are all either teacher created resources or teacher chosen (as Lonnie Dai Zovi,  the owner and principal author, is also a full time teacher of over 30 years) so they are classroom tested and proven materials for effective and permanent language learning.

For example, knowing that activating the multiple intelligences is so important in a successful language program, Lonnie advocates using many visuals, music and physical activities (in addition to the “normal” methodologies.).

Visual materials for English language learning – Perfect Pics for Language Learning,  Practice with Pics, Perfect Picture Stories,  Musical Echoing for English Learning, Expressions Bingand the Classroom Expressions Pics.

Music materials for English – Anyone who want to learn English well will surely find that using music at any level is a great help. Vibrante Press specializes in many musical products to teach English at any level. At an intermediate or advanced level, many popular songs can be used in the English (ESL. ELL. or EFL) classroom. However most popular songs are not appropriate for the age or the low level of beginners. We have songs for very low-level beginners up to intermediate, children through adult English learners.

  • Rockin Rhythms and Rhymes are great for all ages (see video on this website ) and are cultural as well. Some of the music included in these musically accompanied rhythmic recitations (chants) are jazz, boogie-woogie, blues, calypso, reggae, rock-a -billy, Irish jig and more.
  • Musical Echoing For Learning English is a unique musical and pictorial call and response methodology. It is similar to TPRS, only using  necessary visuals and music as the vehicle of instruction. It is very interactive and so fun the kids don’t realize that it is an English lesson.

We also have drama for the ESL class, ESL readings (The True Ghost Stories That Teach – Historically Based Stories) are great. They are high interest yet not too difficult for the intermediate ESL level student. All stories are about a true ghost story or experience that also teach about  a part of U.S. History. (underground railroad, 49’ers gold miners, Gettysburg, Chinese railroad workers, Elvis Presley,  Ellis Island, buffalo soldiers and more). There are also content area connections and the all important English language development. (Discussion suggestions, short essay topics, vocabulary, grammar)Good ready-made lesson plans or worksheets as part of a history, English (ESL), reading or stand- alone lesson.

For the low level or the special education ESL, ELL, EFL student inclusion classes, regular elementary class with special ed or slow learners need differentiated instruction. Our Include Me Series U.S. History, Ancient Civilizations, or Life Sciences are great picture based, tri-leveled instruction with simple rebus readings, pictured vocabulary, picture glossary and language – development pages. Teachers from around the world have thanked me with all their hearts for filling this difficult void. They can be part of a detailed unit or can be ready-made lesson plans and worksheets.

See our ESL/ELL/EFL product list to see our other products (Mighty Mini-Plays by Patti Lozano, Let’s Chat, Keep them Talking, Zero Prep, and others)