Learning French with These Good French Learning Materials

Learning French is great fun if you have a strong desire and good French language learning materials. The language learning materials (teaching materials) sold on Vibrante Press are all either teacher created resources or teacher chosen (as Lonnie Dai Zovi the owner and principal author, is also a full time teacher of over 30 years) so they are classroom tested and proven materials for effective and permanent language learning.

For example, knowing that activating the multiple intelligences is so important in a successful language program, Lonnie advocates using many visuals, music and physical activities (in addition to the “normal” methodologies.).

Visual materials for  language learning – Perfect Pics for Language Learning,  Practice with Pics, Perfect Picture Stories, French Art to Color, Musical Echoing for Learning French, Artful Instruction, Expressions Bingo and French Classroom Expressions Pics.

Music materials for learning French – Anyone who want to learn French well will surely find that using music at any level is a great help. Vibrante Press specializes in many musical products to teach French at any level. We have music for teaching French to kids, (Français Joyeux- SImple Songs That Teach French), very cool rap-like Cantiques, Rythmes et Rimes -Chants, Rhythms and Rhymes for the French Classroom for upper elementary, middle school and high school French learners, using cajun,zouk, zydeco, Haitian and other great rhythmes and music to teach vocabulary, grammar and French sentence structure. The brand new French learning program, Musical Echoing for Learning French,  is a musical and pictorial call and response program like TPRS, but using necessary pictures and music as the vehicles of instruction. This is good for most ages, young elementary to adult.

French plays sold by Vibrante Press are Petites Pièces de Théàtre and French Mighty Mini-Plays (by Patti Lozano)

Other French materials for teaching and learning French include:

145 French Middle School Lessons, 88 French Vocabulary Enrichment Exercises, 180 French Practice Tests and of course TPRS  French novellas (novels) for teaching or reinforcing French by Mira Canion, Carol Gaab, Blaine Ray and others.