Learning Spanish with Good Spanish Learning Materials

Learning Spanish is great fun if you have a strong desire and good Spanish language learning materials. The language learning materials (teaching materials) sold on Vibrante Press are all either teacher created resources or teacher chosen (as Lonnie Dai Zovi the owner and principal author, is also a full time teacher of over 30 years) so they are classroom tested and proven materials for effective and permanent language learning. 

For example, knowing that activating the multiple intelligences is so important in a successful language program, Lonnie advocates using many visuals, music and physical activities (in addition to the “normal” methodologies.).

Visual materials for Spanish language learning – Perfect Pics for Language Learning,  Practice with Pics, Perfect Picture Stories, Arte español y mexicano para colorear, Mariachi Pics, Musical Echoing for Spanish Learning, Accent on Art, Expressions Bingo and the new Focus, Fun and Flair

Music materials for Spanish – Anyone who want to learn Spanish well will surely find that using music at any level is a great help. Vibrante Press specializes in many musical products to teach Spanish at any level.

  • Spanish Alive! – SImple Songs That Teach Spanish- These are very short, easy and lively songs to teach Spanish to children or even kids in Spanish 1 middle school and high school.
  • Español alegre- More Simple Songs That Teach Spanish – These are also very short, easy and lively songs to teach Spanish to children or even kids in Spanish 1,2 middle school and high school.
  • Cantos, ritmos y rimas – Chants, Rhythms and Rhymes for the Spanish Classroom – This classic has been extremely popular for over 20 years and is still a best seller. In fact it is probably the best Spanish teaching resources a teacher can buy for the Spanish 1 and 2 classroom (or for the ambitious individual Spanish learner. Students continually beg for Cantos, ritmos y rimas. Besides cool music, the book includes ready – made lesson plans for Spanish 1,2 (listening (cloze) activities and other  related Spanish activities and worksheets )
  • Musical Echoing for Spanish Learning – A musical and pictorial call and response methodology using almost ALL of the multiple intelligences. Musical Echoing in a little like TPRS in many ways, except it uses pictures and music as the main vehicle of instruction.
  • Cantos calientes – Musically accompanied rhythmic chants (salsa, bolero, rumba, vallenato, flamenco and more) to teach many grammar points, including Spanish subjunctive. Like Cantos, ritmos y riimas, beside the chants there are ready – made lesson plans for Spanish 2, 3 and 4.
  • Mariachi y más – Using the lively and beloved music of the mariachis to teach and reinforce vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure. Ready – made lesson plans for Spanish 2, 3 and 4.
  • Gira musical por el mundo hispánico – This collection contains the beautiful recordings by many diverse artists (not the original ones) of the most beloved musical treasures of the hispanic world and ready – made lesson plans for Spanish 3 and 4 and AP Spanish. (Each song is also accompanied  by listening (cloze) activities, reading of cultural or historic interest of the country from which the song comes and other related Spanish activities and worksheets.)

Physical (and TPR) activities are outlined in the new Focus, Fun and Flair book which contains walking surveys, sentence making word tiles, many visual cards for raising in response to certain stimuli and much more. We also have TPR Is More Than Just Commands by Contee Sealy, Let’s Chat and also Keep Them Talking (both Misc. Activities for the language classroom) by Patti Lozano.

 Other Multiple Intelligences materials not mentioned above are covered by the many other books like the many TPRS short but sweet novellas (novels) by Karen Rowan,  Mira Canion, Carol Gaab, Blaine Ray and others; books like Spanish Teachers Book of Lists,  Middle School Lesson Plans and more.

Go through our Spanish product list on  the right  to see some of the other products not mentioned above.