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Arte Español y Mexicano para Colorear (Lonnie Dai Zovi and Christina Yoas)– Spanish and Mexican Art for Coloring are black and white copies of Mexican  and Spanish masterpieces These art coloring book sheets are good to pass out for extra credit, as part of an Mexican or Spanish art unit, activities for substitutes, after a test activity, calming project for those crazy assembly days, or for the young ones to get a taste of fine art in a fun way. When visitors view the masterpieces at the El Prado or the various locations in Mexico, they cannot touch them. However by coloring in the black and white reproductions by Posada, Orozco, Goya, Velázquez or el Greco, it is as if they are touching them, retracing the original brush strokes. They are the perfect supplement to our Accent on Art book. The pictures in Arte Español y Mexicano para Colorear are great for students of ANY age to color (And YES, high school students love to color these black and white masterpieces, some even spending hours to get the perfect effect.)

The artist include in the coloring packet are:

El Greco










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