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DIGITAL DOWNLOADS – Our digital downloads are very popular (and cheaper and faster). We have recently found out that if you order both downloads and physical books (products) the system will charge you too much shipping and often the download link will not work. TO AVOID THIS PROBLEM, order the downloads and physical products separately. That will be two actions (sorry) but worth it because you will not have to contact us and tell us you have problems.


Most shipments to countries outside of the U.S will have to pay additional shipping. After you complete the check out process we may contact you and tell you how much extra you need to pay. Of course digital products are available for purchase all over the world. Most products to Canada will need to pay a few dollars more.

Costará más dinero  mandar mercancía a países fuera de los EE.UU.  Pondremos en contacto con ud. para avisarle cueánto más tiene que pagar del envío. Claro, se puede descargar materiales digitales  y no pagar NADA de envío.