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Artful Instruction Volume 2 Provides teachers of French with a resource for using the lives and works of the greatest French artists as a context for language acquisition. Artful Instruction Volume 2 is written entirely in French the manual contains background information on 8 artists with exercises for developing all four skills and a "guide pedagogique" with lessons to help students understand, interpret and discuss works of art. Also includes ideas of presentations, debates, and projects with rubrics for assessing each assignment.. 8-1/2"x11", 112 pages. Volume 2. Also available: Artful Instruction -Volume 1.

The mostly French artists included in Artful Instruction Volume 2 are:

· Cézanne

· Callebotte

· Matisse

· Modigliani

· Picasso

· Pissaro

· Radin

· Sisley

· Van Gogh

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