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Into the Blue is a must read for lovers of  all things German. Rebecca Gault has been called the "James Michner of romance novels" meaning that in addition to a pleasant romance, there is a lot of history and culture learned while reading this novel.

Summary: Rachel Simmons, divorced mother of two, is embarking on a trip to the romantic German land of Westphalia, finally fulfilling her lifelong dream to study abroad. In that evocative landscape of mists and moors, Rachel hears the voice of a 19th-century poet (Annette von Droste-Hülshoff ) and develops a deep affinity for the woman, who was hopelessly in love with a younger man and never married. Rachel begins to realize that the voice is extorting her to redeem that unrequited love. For a longer review go to the following link: .

Author: The author, Rebecca Gault, finished writing this novel shortly before her diagnosis of cancer and her very untimely death a month later. I honor the memory of my older sister by sharing this novel with fellow German teachers or like-minded souls. The proceeds from the sales will go to the two grandchildren whom she unfortunately never met.

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