Rockin’ Rhythms and Rhymes 3 Part Set

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ROCKIN’ RHYTHMS AND RHYMES -Chants, Rhythms and Rhymes for the ESL Classroom Liven up your elementary, middle school, secondary or adult ESL classroom with original and exciting chants set to authentic music of English speaking countries such as blues, Irish jig, reggae, calypso, jazz, and boogie-woogie. These chants teach or reinforce many different topics (weather, occupations, places and family) or grammatical points (past tenses, plurals, pronouns etc.) and even pronunciation (th/f/s/t and ch/sh) by using these more than 20 rockin’ chants, rhythms and rhymes. Better than regular chants because they are musically based. Better than songs because Rockin’ Rhythms and Rhymes can be successfully recited by the tone deaf or those that are not confident of their singing ability. These rockin’ chants can be used for young children, middle or high school ESL students, and for adults of all nationalities and academic abilities. This exciting set includes:

· The RRR Student Workbook contains clozes and other exercises of all the chants and an explanation of the 21 musical genres used

· The necessary RRR Teacher’s Manual contains the complete scripts to all of the chants, additional suggestions and activities and answers to all the exercises in the workbook. Also included are over 70 flashcards to use with the chants for TVR (total visual response) and reinforcement, and even a few classroom chants posters.

· The 42 track RRR CD contains the lively 21 musically accompanied chants as well as 21 non - voiced music for karaoke or for the students’ or teachers’ own variations. There is a discount on schools ordering multiple copies of the workbook.

Schools ordering multiple copies of the workbook  receive a volume discount. Call or email for details)

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