Español Alegre

Español Alegre (More Simple Songs That Teach Spanish) book and CD by Lonnie Dai Zovi.  Español Alegre!, like its companion Spanish ¡Alive!, contains simple and clearly sung songs that effortlessly teach children Spanish. The delightful melodies in  Español Alegre!,and the useful and easy lyrics make learning Spanish very fun for children of all ages. (Even teenagers get a kick…(and learn) when they sing these bouncy Spanish songs. The key vocabulary is introduced rhythmically before each song. (“Some words to know before we go…”) which helps the students better understand what they are singing.

The songs on the Español Alegre! CD are :

  1. ¿Qué hora es ?
  2. Lunes, martes, miércoles
  3. Vengan a ver mi rancho (farm animals)
  4. Caminando en la selva(forest animals)
  5. Cazando en la selva (jungle animals)
  6. El preguntón (question words song)
  7. Tengo un libro (school supplies in Spanish)
  8. ABC
  9. Las hormigas marchan(numbers 20,30,40…)
  10. La yegua vieja (simple verbs, present and imperfect)
  11. La cucaracha (not the one you know, changed to teach simple verbs in Spanish)
  12. Estrellita (nature)
  13. La araña chiquitita
  14.  ¿Jamás has visto ? (nature)
  15. Las comidas
  16. Si estás feliz (adjectives both physical and personality, ser/estar)

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