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Gira musical por el mundo hispánico is an exquisitely beautiful and nostalgic tour through many of the Hispanic world’s most prized musical treasures. They have been chosen for their beauty in lyrics and music as well as their ability to teach more about thecountries which they represent. Their introduction to the Spanish or Bilingual classroom is a necessity if we are to introduce our students to all of the musical wealth that the Hispanic world has to offer. The songs included in this collection are:

  • Alma llanera
  • El manisero
  • Carnavalito
  • Moliendo café
  • El día que me quieras
  •  México lindo y querido
  • En mi viejo San Juan
  •  Nicaragua, Nicaragüita
  • La flor de la canela
  •  Pájaro Chogüí
  • Guantanamera
  • La pollera colerá
  • Luna de Xelajú
  • Te recuerdo Amanda
  • Malagueña salerosa
  • La vasija de barro

Included in the book are the words to all the songs, fill-in-the-blank listening exercises, cultural readings (in Spanish) related to or inspired by each song; and exercises with grammar activities, and questions about the songs and the readings. The attached CD has allthe beautiful and nostalgic songs recorded by many different talented artists from many Latin American countries.

Highly recommended for advanced students (Spanish 3 or higher) or bilingual Spanish class of any level.

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