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Music That Teaches Spanish (K-8) (By Patti Lozano)

Each song and rhyme include:

  • Musical notation for piano and guitar (chords)
  • Target vocabulary and structures highlighted and explained
  • Games and creative ideas to extend songs and language concepts
  • Illustrated song sheets for creating individual student songbooks
  • Blackline master worksheets and activity page

Table of Contents:

1.                  Buenos días a todos aquí (greetings)

2.                  ¿Cómo te llamas, muchacho? (greetings)

3.                  ABC de colibrí (alphabet)

4.                  La clase (classroom objects)

5.                  Quince galletas (numbers)

6.                  Rojo, café (color)

7.                  Tengo comezón (parts of the body)

8.                  ¡Ay de mí!(parts of the body)

9.                  La bonita Sara (feelings)

10.              ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? (weather, days of the week)

11.              No me gusta nada (months)

12.              ¡Pasame la sal, por favor! (family)

13.              ¡Ponte la camisa ya! (clothing)

14.              En Venezuela (furniture)

15.              La canción de las frutas (fruit)

16.              Jugo de naranja (foods)

17.              ¿Qué haces tú en la clase de música? (school)

18.              Tic Toc (time & verbs)

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