Spanish ¡Alive!

Spanish ¡Alive! (Simple Songs That Teach Spanish)-songbook/CD by Lonnie Dai Zovi. The Spanish ¡Alive! Songbook and CD is part of the Spanish ¡Alive! Program but is so popular we offer it as a separate item!
The 30 page half size songbook contains the words to the 15 songs (including "Hokey-Pokey" and "Así me lavo las manos"), over 50 small pictures for personal flashcards, and instructions for active singing and more. Appropriate for all ages, but especially popular with the elementary crowd or Spanish 1 in middle and high school. The songs are simple and short without being too silly. Older children and teen-agers don’t mind singing the Spanish ¡Alive!songs. Key words are introduced rhythmically before each song. (Some words to know before we go…)

 Songs on the Spanish ¡Alive! CD are:

1. ¿Cómo te llamas?

2. Diez Conejos (counting 1-10)

3. ¿Cómo estás?

4. ¿Dónde está dedo?

5. Buenos días

6. Así me lavo las manos

7. Me gustan los colores –A

8. Me gustan los colores – B

9. Hokey-pokey (fast and in Spanish!!)

10. ¿Cuántos años tienes tú?

11. Quiero a mi mamá (family)

12. Cuando me visto (clothes)

13. Abro la puerta (house chant)

14. Mi maestra nos dice – A (simple commands)

15. Mi maestra nos dice – B (more simple commands)

There is also some karaoke music (music without words)on the CD

To listen to an example click here  listen

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Price: $15.95

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