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Music that Teaches English! (By Patti Lozano) presents core vocabulary and structures from any basic first year English curriculum by means of lively, catchy original tunes. The fifteen songs in "Music That Teaches English" have proven popular with teachers and students  in K-8 classes because of their humorous repetitive lyrics and the wide variety of musical styles. They will be fully appreciated on the accompanying CD.

Each song includes:

  • Musical notation for piano and guitar (chords)
  • Lyrics, target vocabulary and structures
  • Games and creative ideas to extend songs and language concepts
  • Templates, flashcards and game boards
  • Illustrated song sheets for creating individual student songbooks.

Music That Teaches English!              Table of Contents:

1.      Hello, Good Morning to All my Friends! (Greetings)

2.      What is Your Name? (Introductions)

3.      ABC Like Candy Cane (Alphabet)

4.      The Classroom (Classroom objects)

5.      Draw a Square (Common commands in the classroom)

6.      I Have an Itch (Body parts)

7.      What are You Going to Wear Today? (Clothing)

8.      I'm a Bird of Many Colors (Prepositions)

9.      Pass the Salt to Me, Please (Family members, courtesy, food, table settings)

10.  In Mississippi (Rooms, furniture, U.S.A. states)

11.  Tick Tock (Daily routine, telling time, verbs)

12.  Orange Juice (Food and drink, "I like..."/"I don't like . . .)

13.  Two Lazy Elephants (Leisure activities, question words and phrases)

14.  Oh Irene, Don't Be Mean, Tell Me Please (Personal hygiene)

15.  I Want to See the World in a Fine Purple Car (Transportation, adjectives

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