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Musical Arabic- Chants, Rhythms and Music for Learning Arabic at Any Age

By Lonnie Dai Zovi

Musical Arabic is an innovative CD/Book combination that pleasantly teaches and reinforces Modern Standard Arabic in a fun and non-threatening way. The book contains the scripts of the 22 lively chants, rhythms and songs (alphabet, birthday, family, countries, days, everyday expressions, possessives, simple verb conjugations, etc.) in both Arabic and phonetic (Romanized or transliterations) scripts for easier understanding by all students. There are many exercises that follow the lessons of the songs and also a picture glossary so that the learner may understand the songs without cumbersome translations.Musical Arabic is used successfully in many elementary, middle and high schools as well as colleges and institutions across the world. Musical Arabic can be used either as a supplement or as a basis around which the rest of the curriculum is based. It is a good addition to Alif Baa or Al-Kitaab or other excellent series. As Oraib Mango, Arabic Instructor at ASU (Arizona) says, “ I like to use music in my classes because it offers students other ways to learn. I usually use Musical Arabic to supplement the material that we study in the textbook. For example, when we go over numbers, we listen to the song about numbers. Many students find that it helps them a lot to retain the vocabulary words and expressions when they are accompanied by music. I find useful the songs about: Numbers, days of the week, colors, interrogatives, countries, fruit, weather, conversation, pronouns and others.”

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