Skinny Skits

Skinny Skits (Patti Lozano) Skinny Skits contains 45 short, simple and very sunny skits that are written for the enjoyment of beginning and intermediate Spanish speakers of all ages.

Contents and Objectives
Skinny Skits examines fifteen content units that are universal to all beginning Spanish curriculums. The units, which are referred to as "Acts," include:

  1. ¿Cómo estás? (introductions)
  2. El alfabeto (alphabet)
  3. La clase (classroom and school)
  4. Los números (numbers and counting)
  5. Los colores (colors)
  6. "Tener" expressions (expressing feelings)
  7. Las partes del cuerpo (body parts)
  8. ¿Qué tiempo hace? (weather)
  9. Los meses y las estaciones (months and seasons)
  10. La familia (family)
  11. La ropa (clothing)
  12. Los cuartos y los muebles (rooms and furniture)
  13. La fruta (fruit)
  14. La comida (food)

La hora y la rutina (telling time and daily routine)

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