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Teachers know that they must diversify their instruction if they want to reach all their students. In many classrooms there are divergent learners, special education students, learning disabled and many levels of English language learners. How can a teacher teach the subjects to all of them at the same time?

The authors of the  Include   Me ! © Series  U.S. HIstory (in Pictures( are painfully aware of the problem, being classroom teachers and resource teachers for many years. The series is picture based for better understanding of the concepts taught through the regular textbook. The activities are designed to both convey the core subject to all levels of learners and develop language at the same time. The Include Me ! © Series’s  U.S History  contains eight units reinforced with the main vocabulary “glossary” in pictures, (in black and white for easy reproduction for the many suggested activities) puzzles in three levels, recall readings in three levels(picture readings, fill in the blank readings with or without word banks) and three levels of language development, flashcards and bingo games. The units covered are:

  • First Americans
  • European Exploration
  • New England Colonial Life
  • American Revolution
  • Creating a New Nation
  • Westward Movement
  • Africans and Forced Migration
  • Nation Divided

This book is also good for adult citizenship classes and Adult Basic Education classes with students with low literacy skills and/or limited English skills.

The reading and exercise levels vary from 1.5 - 3.5 (although the content is covered in 5th grades and higher). It is suggested that these be used when the on level or nearly on level student do the textbook readings and activities. This is NOT a substitute for the regular textbook or curriculum, but a resource of ready - made readings and activities that students of all levels can learn from. All students should be, and now can be, included.

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