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Focus, Fun, and Flair-A Fiesta of Fundamental, Functional, and Flamboyant Activities for the Spanish Classroom is a collection of some of Lonnie Dai Zovi's favorite activities, work sheets, pictorial grammatical posters (ser/estar, subjunctive, preterite/imperfect, interrogative pics) mastery tests, walking/talking activities, sentence tiles, speaking activities, empty maps to fill in, strip stories and cultural coloring pages (Costa Rican carts,  Argentine gaucho, Los Novios/Volcanos, Mariachis, Spanish fan, Andean native dress and llama, Cuban instruments, Puerto Rican coquí, Don Quixote, Guatemalan quetzal, tropical tucan, Mexican calavera, máscaras de carnaval, águila (escudo) mexicana,  mola panameña) She hopes your students learn from and enjoy these as much as hers do.

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