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Hispanic Flamenco Ballet is a lovely and educational DVD showcasing traditional dances from Mexico and other Hispanic countries. Between some of the dances are well performed songs (La Bamba, Cielito Lindo, Guantanamera as well as others.) This double DVD is about 2 hours of great cultural education for your students of all ages. Included dances are:

  • Cumbia (Colombia)
  • Jarabe Tapatio (Mexico)
  • Norteño (Mexico)
  • Merengue (Dominican Republic)
  • Salsa (Cuba/Puerto Rico)
  • Maculete (Brasil)
  • Capoeira (Brasil)
  • Tango (Argentina)
  • Boleadoras( Argentina)
  • Bulerias,Soleas, Jaleo, Sevillanas and Rumba..(Flamenco styles from Spain)

Price: $10.00

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