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Mariachi Pics by Lonnie Dai Zovi is a collection of clever pictures illustrating each of the 16 Mariachi songs from Mariachi y Más . There are over 100 pictures to use as teaching tools, games, TPR activities, Mariachi bingo and more. Mariachi Pics is appropriate for all ages but especially good with the elementary level (or for any class where visuals are used in conjunction with the songs.)

Some ways to use for Mariachi Pics:

    • Decorate your classroom with the Mariachi Pics (colored by your students).
    • Hang the colored Mariachi Pics of the song that you will be singing that day (or soon after).
    • Have selected students hold up the pictures (flashcards) as they hear the word or phrase illustrated in the song.
    • Each student has the needed pictures for the selected song (cut out and maybe colored). As they hear the word or phrase being sung, they raise the card.

Price: $8.00

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